Here's how my commission process works:

Drop me a line at [email protected], we can then have a chat about your requirements either by telephone or online

I will ask you to send through some good photos of your horse(s) and I will ask you about their character so I can get a feel for who they are or were if they have passed.

Please note that I am an intuitive painter, I never know quite what is going to appear on the canvas until I start and try to tune in to your horse(s). If you would like a photo realistic painting of your horse than I am probably not the artist for you.

Next I will get on with your painting! This will generally take up to five weeks so please allow plenty of time if you are commissioning a birthday present

When the painting is complete I will send photographs (or invite you to view if you are local). If you are happy then I will request payment and the painting can be collected or I will arrange delivery. There is no obligation to buy if you do not like the painting

Prices for a commission start at £120

Former racehorse Rocky (Karinga City)

Moonlight Adventures of Arthur, Bob and Dom